The insurance business is a noble profession. We protect people’s property, their lives, and their futures. Without insurance and independent agents our economy would collapse. In spite of the crucial role insurance plays in protecting the economic well-being of Wisconsin and our nation, our industry is under constant pressure from legislators and regulators. The IIAW Government Affairs team is continually at work protecting your agency and pocketbook by defeating harmful legislation and supporting positive public policy initiatives.

Every day, legislation is introduced in the legislature that could affect your business. Proposed legislation often includes increased reporting and additional requirements leading to unnecessary regulations of our industry. We support positive legislative initiatives and work with legislators to gain passage of favorable measures while defeating harmful proposals. Collectively, our efforts result in sizable contributions that give our association increased viability and credibility. We are protecting the role of agents moving into the future.

This is another example of how we are reinvesting and protecting your agency!

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