Operational Improvement Review - A Swiss Re Approved Audit Process

Proactive risk management is key to operating an effective and efficient agency. The best example of this is initiating an Operational Improvement Review. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your business by having an independent partner walk through your daily operations. During the process, a Swiss Re approved auditor will review your agency operations. By doing so, you can reduce E&O exposures, improve customer service, increase sales opportunities, establish strong agency procedures, and create a culture of risk management awareness with agency personnel.

Did you find yourself in an unfortunate situation and now you are required to have an audit performed on your agency? No problem! Call IIAW and Mallory Cornell, Director of Risk Management, is an approved Swiss Re auditor who can work with you and identify important recommendations and solutions for your agency.

And don't forget, the Operational Improvement Review qualifies for an additional 10% premium reduction for five years for Westport policyholders, regardless of subsequent claim activity!

Contact us today! For more information call or email Mallory Cornell, Director of Risk Management at (608) 210-2975 or Mallory@iiaw.com.