Invest in Your Employees Education

The Big "I" and Swiss Re are proud to offer E&O Risk Management classes for your agency and delivered at your agency. These courses address the fundamentals of reducing the E&O exposures of today's ever-changing agency operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding duties owed to both carriers and customers
  • Reviewing the most frequent E&O claims using real-life examples
  • Agency defenses such as documentation, disclaimers and consistent procedures
  • Exploring exposures within the agency's daily operations
  • Issues with certificates of insurance
  • Considerations of social media
  • Limiting exposures to data breaches

While the direct premium savings from attending this seminar can be significant for policyholders, it is the potential changes in agency operations learned during the course that can have a game-changing effect on agency E&O exposure.

The benefits of agency staff participating in an E&O Risk Management class include:

  • Lowering your E&O premiums with a 10% premium credit on your E&O policy
  • Increased awareness by agency staff of the importance of E&O risk management and accountability
  • Improving overall agency operations while increasing revenue opportunities
  • Reducing exposure to the cost and hassle of E&O claims
  • Keeping your deductible dollars in your pocket, and
  • Earning continuing education credits, while accomplishing all of the above

Call today to schedule your class! Contact Mallory Cornell, Director of Risk Management, at (608) 210-2975 or by email at