E&O Discounts

How do I save money on my E&O?

  • 100% DEDUCTIBLE REDUCTION - If any INSURED generates and maintains contemporaneous documentation in the agency file of the refusal of any customer to accept any type of coverage or limit recommendation made by the INSURED, and if the INSURED subsequently has a CLAIM alleging the failure to secure such recommended type of coverage or limit, 100% of the INSURED'S DEDUCTIBLE for that CLAIM will be waived up to a maximum of $25,000 or until dismissal of such allegations, whichever is first.
  • Customized E&O Loss Control Course – Participate in class or online in our E&O Loss Control course and receive 10% off your policy premium each year for three years (per guidelines). This course qualifies for 6 CE credits!
  • Audit – Receive policy credit for having an agency audit performed.
  • Claim Free Credit 

Insureds who obtain their professional liability coverage for insurance agents and brokers through the IIAW Risk Purchasing Group program have access to a plethora of credits and discounts depending on a variety of factors. The following is a sample listing of credits/discounts that may be applied:

  1. Approved Risk Management Loss Control seminar
  2. Completion of approved Audit
  3. Claims Free experience credit
  4. Efficiency credit
  5. Operations and Procedures credit
  6. Many additional discretionary credits may apply


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E&O Claims

Did you know that since Swiss Re policy is a claims made policy, it is to the insured’s benefit to report any and all claims/potential claims to insure that they are timely reported within the policy period?

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