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How to Report a Claim

At Philadelphia Insurance Companies, reporting a claim is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these instructions to expedite your claim as quickly and in as friendly of a manner as possible.

There is good reason to timely report all losses; the faster Philadelphia Insurance Companies receives your new notice of loss, the quicker they can assist in managing the necessary claim recovery services, to expedite the claim settlement process. Prompt notification on your part, which triggers a prompt response from them, works to reduce the expenses associated with most liability claims.

STEP 1 - Get the Facts

When reporting a notice of loss, please provide as much detail as is available. This should include, but not be limited to the Named Insured, contact name, policy number, date of loss, location of loss, cause of loss, your policy or reference number, the initial steps taken to mitigate the loss, the types of damage, and estimated amount of loss.

STEP 2 - Report

Available Online: Report a PHLY Claim

Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Attention: Claims Department
One Bala Plaza, Suite 100
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-0950
1.800.765.9749 (phone) Monday-Friday 7:30am - 7:00pm CT
1.800.685.9238 (fax)


STEP 3 - Follow-up

The claims customer service department will immediately process your first notice of loss report. You will receive verbal confirmation of our receipt of notice and will be contacted by your servicing representative within one business day. Complete this claim follow up form to receive a status of your claim


Claim Definitions

Wage & Hour Defense

A CSR is terminated for unrelated, but lawful reasons. He later sues the agency because he feels his pay structure should have followed that of a Producer, rather than that of a CSR. The agency’s Wage & Hour Defense endorsement responded to defend and the courts found a verdict in favor of the agency.

Third Party Claim

An agency’s client sued them alleging that the agency refused to work with them due to their gender and ethnic background. If the agent’s policy would not have included Third Parties, their policy would not have responded in their defense.

Age Discrimination

An age discrimination lawsuit was brought by a highly paid 62 year old sales representative who was employed by the Insured. He was terminated for not meeting his sales quotas. Despite layoffs and cutbacks at the company, there was no documentation that showed the plaintiff was a poor performer. A settlement of $540,000 was reached.

Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination

Several female employees at a company complained that the CEO was sexually harassing them. As required by law, the President proceeded to investigate the complaints. Within one month of the start of the investigation and without apparent backing of the board of directors, the President was terminated by the CEO under the pretext of performance issues. This was despite the fact that he was given a raise a few months earlier. The President filed a separate wrongful termination suit due to the conflict between the Board of Directors and the CEO. The settlement and Defense Cost exceeded the policy’s Limit of Liability.

Racial Discrimination

A group of Indian descent applicants sued a private retail store for ethnic and racial discrimination after learning they had all been denied employment strictly based on their race

and ethnic background. The Defense Cost and settlement was over $200,000.


The Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer was terminated for divulging confidential information to staff regarding impending company layoffs. A suit was brought by the assistant for retaliation and sexual harassment as she claimed the CFO always made suggestive comments and improperly touched her. Defending the CFO cost over $150,000.

Religious Discrimination

A claim was brought by a former employee for religious discrimination. She alleged the hiring practices of the Insured were unlawful because they stated they would only hire Christian workers. Once it was learned that the plaintiff was not a Christian, she was passed up for a promotion. A settlement of $52,000 was reached.

Disability Discrimination

An employee went out on medical leave for treatment of an illness. When he was ready to return to work the Insured told him his position had been filled by someone else and his job was no longer available. He filed suit for lost wages, emotional distress, and violation of disability discrimination statutes. The Defense Cost and settlement was greater than $100,000.

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