A Monoline EPLI Policy Exclusively for our Members

Small businesses are at a greater risk for financial ruin by an Employment Practices Lawsuit. One claim could be devastating to all you’ve built.

An EPLI endorsement to a GL or even an E&O policy likely doesn’t provide the coverage you might anticipate. Below is a list of key coverage often missing:

  • Third Party - What if a client claimed you discriminated against them? Would this be covered under your current coverage?
  • Hour and Wage Defense – What if an employee or contractor alleged that you paid them improperly? Would your current coverage defend you?
  • Does your current coverage list the acts of discrimination that it will respond to? Or does the language say “violation of employment discrimination laws” and “violation of any federal, state or local civil rights laws”. The policy stating that it will cover violation of law if much broader than itemizing what acts will be included. I’ve seen an endorsement not list pregnancy as a covered act of discrimination.

Partner Program Features

We partnered with Philadelphia Insurance to exclusively offer their Employment Practices policy to our members. This coverage provides companies with up to 4,000 employees with comprehensive employment liability solutions. Features include:

  • Third Party Liability coverage built into the form
  • Provides coverage for the entity as well as employees including part time, leased, seasonal, temporary and volunteers
  • Optional Duty to Defend Provision- insured can choose defense counsel or tender the defense to the underwriter
  • Most favorable venue wording for punitive, multiple or exemplary damages
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free Claims Assistance Hotline (2 hours per incident)

How much does a monoline EPLI policy cost? - Coverage is much broader than an endorsement, so expect premium to be more than the cost to add an endorsement, but a policy that doesn’t respond is always too much premium. Premiums start at $500 for the monoline policy.

Philadelphia has a Superior financial strength from A.M. Best (A++ XV) and Standard & Poor’s (AA-)

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