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Beazley has helped clients handle more than 4,500 data breaches since the launch of Beazley Breach Response in 2009 and is the only insurer with a dedicated in-house team focusing exclusively on helping clients handle data breaches. Beazley’s BBR Services team coordinates the expert forensic, legal, notification and credit monitoring services that clients need to satisfy all legal requirements and maintain customer confidence. In addition to coordinating data breach response, BBR Services maintains and develops Beazley’s suite of risk management services, designed to minimize the risk of a data breach occurring.

Data breaches can happen anywhere. Are you protected?

An agency principal is about to retire after building her agency from nothing. In the meantime, her email is hacked and only her address book is stolen. The thieves send out an email to all her clients with the note: I am rounding out my files, can you please help me complete yours by sending your social security number, birthdate, and other Personally Identifiable information. Her dutiful and misinformed clients respond to their trusted agent and provide the information. She is responsible for the stolen information, but had no Data Breach policy. Imagine your life’s work gone.

Phishing - The phone rings and the employee of an agency picks up the call. The caller states that they are John Doe calling with Insure Well Insurance Company (the employee recognizes that the agency has a contract with this carrier). The reason for the call is that they are wanting to verify that the agency is using the correct account and requests that the employee provide the current logon and password that is being used. The caller thief uses this information to access the carriers website, compromising countless amounts of information.

Social Engineering - The accountant at an agency received an email from the CEO stating that he needed a check cut in the amount of $15,000. The employee in this case, new that this was an odd request so she got up from her chair, walked over to the CEO’s office and asked him if he made the request. He said that she was correct, he absolutely did not make that request. It was later investigated that his email account had been compromised and the request had come from a thief. 

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